Randy - Music Video

Following a street poster campaign around France, the new music video for Randy arrived.

Randy Posters

The video is a live installation, directed by Thomas Jumin, filmed in Paris on September 17th 2016. It features a stack of 25 CRT TVs, displaying both lyrics and imagery to the beat of the single "Randy".

Randy Video

In a press release Jumin gives some additional insight regarding the video:

The idea for this screen installation came from an inclination for an aesthetic in live show lighting that is both powerful and minimalistic. The object itself, the CRT Trinitron by SONY, is iconic for people of a certain generation for its design and for its specific rendering of the image. The idea was to build an installation made of 25 screens from 1987 and to use them with video controllers and analogue converters. We simply filmed it like one would film an art installation, so as to retain the object’s authority and repetitive simplicity.

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